The mission of Diamond Cutter Classics is the translation, preservation and dissemination of ancient wisdom into the modern world in a way that is relevant, accessible, and accurate. We also aim to inspire and support the next generation of translators by fostering an environment for developing experience and understanding in the great tradition of the classical philosophical literature of Asia.

Around 700 AD, over 1200 years after the time of the Buddha, the Tibetans undertook a monumental task: to translate thousands of pages of Buddhist literature from Sanskrit into Tibetan. It took them 700 years to complete translations of the kangyur (the word of the Buddha) and the tengyur (the Indian commentaries).

As Buddhism has been making a big push westward, we aim to complete an even more enormous task: to translate hundreds of thousands of pages of Buddhist literature into modern languages. Since the blossoming of Buddhism in Tibet, no less than 200,000 pages of brilliant commentary have been composed by masters and scholars in the Tibetan language.

We invite you to explore our website and discover the boundless wealth of knowledge and inspiration waiting within these books. By connecting with you who share our passion, we can build a more enlightened society and preserve ancient wisdom for generations to come. Join us in our mission to celebrate, honor, and preserve timeless wisdom.

Each translator has been entrusted with a unique teaching to share, and their passion for preserving ancient wisdom is clear in their dedication to learn and translate ancient Tibetan texts. We believe that these books should be celebrated and made accessible to everyone.

We have dedicated a page to each translator, where you can learn more about the books that they are translating. It’s our hope that by sharing their stories and showcasing their work, we can engage a greater community in the effort of preserving ancient wisdom.

Our efforts are organized around a classical division of eight topics of ancient literature, each with their own unique language and philosophical orientation.

Your support covers the costs of the translation, dissemination, and curation of the wisdom contained within these ancient classical works.

Geshe Michael Roach

International teacher, Buddhist scholar and master translator, Geshe Michael Roach founded this project with a vision to translate 10,000 ancient classics in the next 150 years.

Diamond Cutter Classics is on a noble mission: to safeguard the rich diversity of Buddhism. Central to this endeavour is the protection of the unique languages in which Buddhism thrives. Just as every facet of Buddhism holds its distinct charm, so too do the eight languages through which it finds expression.

Our unwavering commitment lies in the training of a team of dedicated individuals, affectionately known as ‘nerds,’ who are fluent in all eight of these languages. This ensures that no aspect of this profound tradition ever fades away or is lost to time.

We invite you to join us in our passionate quest to preserve the heart and soul of Buddhism, so that its wisdom may continue to illuminate the path for generations to come.