Great Ideas of the East

Great Ideas of the East

A Brief Essence of All Schools of Philosophy

written by Choney Lama Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748)

Representing the subject of Comparative Philosophy in our program, this book is a survey of the ancient Schools of Wisdom. It describes the beliefs of both Buddhist and non-Buddhist ancient schools of thought.

Every small group of people, on every small patch of land on this huge planet, has a different belief system.  This system determines everything about how those particular people run their lives, down to how they cut their hair, and what clothes they wear.  And by this belief system, people everywhere do their very best to be happy & prosperous.

Some belief systems work better than others, when measured by how much happiness or prosperity they produce.  It seems for example that the belief system of modern medicine has led people to have longer lives than they did, say, a few hundred years ago.

Jewel of The True Thought of the Commentary on Accurate Perception

Jewel of The True Thought of the Commentary on Accurate Perception

A Commentary on Master Dharmakirti’s “Commentary on Accurate Perception”

written by Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk (1928–1997)

A detailed explanation of logic and philosophy as originally presented by Master Dharmakirti.

Ben Kramer nearly failed high school, graduating by the skin of his teeth only by testing out with a General Equivalency Diploma. Fascinated by many topics, he was fully engaged in none. That is until twenty years ago, in his 27th year, when he came into contact with Geshe Michael Roach and the Asian Classics Institute (ASI), an authentic course of study into the meaning of life, love, and truth. Now he was suddenly inspired to throw himself into a fulltime course of study from which he has not deviated to this day.

For nearly a decade, Ben lived at Diamond Mountain, Arizona.

University, where he was eventually honored to run the spiritual debate program. During this time he made regular trips to study with the monks at the great Sera Mey monastic college in southern India. His studies at Diamond Mountain culminated in a three-year silent meditation retreat alone with his wife, Kendra Rickert, a great practitioner and scholar of yoga in her own right.

Ben is now the Assistant Director of Diamond Cutter Classics (DCC) where—in addition to his efforts to develop in the art of translation—he works on maintenance, organization, and expansion of the free online ancient-text database of Asian Legacy Library (ALL). He and Kendra own and operate Nirguna Yoga in Albuquerque New Mexico, a center for traditional practice & study, where they teach regular yoga, meditation, philosophy, language, and teacher-training classes. They also havea son named Ezra, who is the greatest joy they have ever known.

Sessions by
Ben Kramer

Ben Kramer

Fall 2023

Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk

Winter 202 1 – 1

Essence of All Schools

Summer 2017

Comparative Philosophy