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We invite you to participate in our Good Night Book Club by making any monthly contribution to Diamond Cutter Classics. As part of this club, you will

  • Receive enlightening books and/or other materials that encourage you to read, reflect, and enjoy a peaceful night’s rest.
  • Each night, we encourage you to put away your laptop, phone, and TV remote and read a few pages before bed.
  • When you wake up, keep the wisdom fresh in your mind by meditating on what you read.
  • Good Night Club members will also have the opportunity to get personally involved with translating, by proofreading short pieces of in-progress translations or assisting with translating from English to your language.
  • For those contributing a USD $30 a month or more, we will send a custom attaché and lock to stow away your devices for the night.

Immerse yourself in enriching books, like those skillfully translated by the Diamond Cutter Classics translation team. Enjoy lifetime access to our free translation classes, held three times a week – a journey in language and culture. These classes are open to everyone, whether you subscribe or not. Expand your horizons beyond the translation sessions by becoming a Good Night Book Club member. Be part of a community that values learning, sharing, and growing together. Discover the joy of reading, the excitement of learning, and the fulfillment of contributing.